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Unified Billing System streamlines the billing and payment process for customers, providing ease while potentially lowering administrative expenses for both utility companies and customers. It enables for easier tracking of expenses, better payment handling, and frequently more transparency by offering a comprehensive summary of all utility charges in one place.

INV Capabilities
  • Unified billing systems enable providers to analyse data from various aspects.
  • Offers invaluable insights into consumption patterns, customer behaviours, and demand forecasting.
  • Data-driven approach allows for more informed decision-making.
  • Helps in resource planning and infrastructure development.
  • Utility providers are able to modify their offering and services to match changing consumer demands.

Unified Billing System for Seamless Billing

Solution targeted at streamlining collection operations while making them safer and more efficient.

Metering, Billing & Collection

These three processes are interrelated and necessary for the billing and collection operations to run smoothly and efficiently.

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CRM aims to strengthen customer relationships, improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and ultimately provide better services.

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Workforce Management

WFM involves strategic planning and optimisation of human resources in order to run utility services efficiently.

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Spot billing
Spot Billing App

A spot Billing App is a mobile application used by utilities to generate instant or on-the-spot bills for their customers consumption.

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Consumer App
Consumer App and Portal

The purpose of consumer apps and portal is to improve customer satisfaction by providing ease, transparency, and self-service capabilities.

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Energy Analytics

Energy analytics makes use of data science, machine learning, and AI technologies to improve efficiency and modernise the energy sector.

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Network Indexing Management

NIM is the process of organising and categorising utility’s network in a structured and methodical manner.

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OCR Based Billing

OCR technology is a used for converting physical meter readings into digital formats, enabling utilities to manage data more efficiently and improve accuracy.

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Reasons Why Utilities are opting Unified Billing System

Unified billing system simplifies processes for both utility providers and customers :

How Unified Billing System Ease Up the Billing Process

Revolutionising Utility Experience with Unified Billing System

Reduces confusion and streamlines the payment process for customers.
Reduces overhead costs associated with managing different billing platforms and streamlines operational efficiency.
Data can be leveraged for better decision-making and service improvements.
Can automate various processes, including bill generation, payment processing, and customer service inquiries.
Merging bills for multiple services into a single invoice, makes it easier for customers to understand.
Reducing the time between service consumption and billing, which can positively impact cash flow.

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