Metering, Billing and Collection: Streamline meter-to-cash-operations

UGO’s Metering, Billing and Collection which includes metering, billing, and collection are critical components to manage the operations effectively and provide accurate and transparent services to the customers. Additionally, these processes help promote conservation and responsible consumption of resources by making customers aware of their usage patterns and associated costs.

INV Capabilities
  • Accurate metering helps track individual usage and precise billing for customers.
  • Utility bills provide customers with a breakdown of their usage and payment due dates.
  • Efficient collection systems ensure a steady cash flow for utility providers.
  • Metering encourages consumers to be conscious of their usage, promoting energy conservation.
  • Clear communication regarding billing cycles and payment methods improves customer experience.

Features of Metering, Billing and Collection

Metering, Billing and Collection are fundamental aspects of utility services, ensuring fair and efficient delivery while encouraging responsible consumption and sustainability.

Efficient, Transparent & Cost-effective Solution for Managing Power Distribution.
Faster New Connection & Onboarding Management with 24*7 Customer Care.
Improved Cash Flow via ePayment Channels & Cash Collection Counters.
Crucial for maintaining accurate revenue collection, ensuring customer satisfaction and promoting resource efficiency.
Comprehensive Billing Solution to Aid Utilities in Lowering Billing Errors & Disputes, without Manual Intervention.
Plays a vital role in maintaining a reliable and sustainable utility service while ensuring customer satisfaction.

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