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Smart metering solutions are transforming how users connect with and manage utilities. They promote a more aware and conscious approach to consumption, allowing utility providers to improve their services, increase efficiency, and pave the path for a more sustainable future in energy and resource management.

INV Capabilities
  • Smart Metering allows both consumers and utilities to track usage patterns and make informed decisions.
  • Utilities can better manage resources, identify inefficiencies, and plan infrastructure upgrades based on detailed consumption data.
  • Consumers can track their usage patterns in real time, resulting in more effective consumption habits.
  • Smart Metering Solutions helps in optimise energy distribution and support renewable energy sources.
  • By smart metering solutions utilities can transmit data over networks, allowing for remote access and control.

Smart Meter Solution with limitless possibilities

We have helped several utilities to manage resources with the help of the following solutions.

Head End System

Our HES serves as the main point of data collection and communication between field-installed smart meters.

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Meter Data Management

MDM helps in gathering data from HES, including information on energy, water, or gas consumption to ensure accuracy and reliability.

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Consumer Survey & Meter Installation

Consumer Survey ensures correct surveys as it plays a key role in energy audit and billing of the consumers.

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Smart Prepaid System

Smart Prepaid System operates on a prepaid basis, often integrated with smart metering technology.

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Energy Audit

Energy audit is used to discover losses in distribution networks by measuring energy input and output.

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How Smart Metering Solutions is Changing Scenario for Utilities?

Smart metering solutions play a pivotal role in creating more efficient, responsive, and sustainable utility systems

How Smart Metering Solutions can help Utilities?

Smarter energy usage starts with smart metering solutions

Examine past data and trends
Configure alerts and notifications
Real-time tracking of consumption data
Easily Identify Faults and Outages
Remote Monitoring and Control
High Security and Authentication

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