The Art of Reading Meters with OCR

UGO’s OCR software works by analysing the patterns and shapes of characters in an image and then converting them into digital text that can be easily processed by computers. Once characters are recognized, the UGO’s OCR software apply post-processing techniques to improve accuracy. This could involve correcting errors and optimising the recognised text.

INV Capabilities
  • Used to convert physical meter reading and share the reading electronically.
  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving time and reducing human error.
  • OCR technology can achieve high accuracy rates.
  • Ensures reliable data extraction.
  • Utility companies can process meter readings and other nformation more efficiently.

Eliminate Billing Errors With OCR Based Billing

With OCR, utility companies can process meter readings more efficiently, leading to faster billing cycles and reduced administrative workload. This translates to improved customer service and streamlined operations.

Works on all Meters Across Utilities / Protocols.
Recording of Photo & Video of Screen Display for further Audits & Verification.
Accurate and error-free billing contributes to improved customer satisfaction.
Automation of the Billing Process & Reduction of Manual Intervention.
Contributes to reduce the environmental impact associated with paper-based processes.
Helps in reducing operational costs associated with data processing and corrections.

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