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UGO Network Indexing Management is made with an intuitive user interface that is intended to gather all data from the power distribution system and summarise the hierarchy by adding up all the data that is received from the lowest level (the consumer) to the highest level (GSS). UGO NIM will provide voltage levels and capacity of different components apart from Hierarchical Information which have its many uses in Demand Control and System Maintenance. Manage Network Hierarchy from GSS to Consumer level for various purposes that are Energy Audit, Revenue Tracking, Fault Detection, and OMS etc.

INV Capabilities
  • Maintain the indexing on various levels of Electricity Distribution.
  • Highlighting of Untagged/ Unmarked Components of Distribution System.
  • Notification Enables to identify any Data Edition or Deletion.
  • Easy Monitoring through Intuitive and Graphical Reports.
  • Easy integration with other utility system.

Features of Network Indexing Management

Network Indexing Management is a crucial aspect of modern networking and data management practices. It involves creating and maintaining well-structured indexes to enhance data retrieval, organisation, and overall network performance.

Maintain Network Hierarchy of Distribution System.
Ability to Acquire Information from Existing GIS Systems.
Able to Integrate with Other Systems e.g. EA, Fault Detection, OMS etc.
Data Warehousing & Archiving on Cloud Service for Enhanced Security.
Crucial for implementing access controls and security measures.
Plays a vital role in supporting data analytics and generating reports.

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