Grow Your Business with High-Impact Sale Strategies

UGO’s ERP analytical team focuses on collecting, processing, and analysing data related to sales to gain a deeper understanding of the sales process, customer behaviour, and the factors that influence sales performance. The analytical team may use historical sales data to develop sales forecasts. These forecasts are essential for inventory management, production planning, and budgeting.

INV Capabilities
  • Support organisations in managing client connections, tracking interactions, and gathering vital sales data.
  • Guide businesses maintain right inventory levels and ensures that products are available for customers when they place orders.
  • Prediction of future sales and plan their production and inventory accordingly.
  • Sales data and insights can help in refining marketing strategies and targeting the right audience.
  • Successful sales efforts can contribute to positive brand recognition and reputation.

How can ERP Sales Module help in Predicting Stockouts & Forecasting?

ERP Sales provide a holistic approach to managing various aspects of a business

Features of Sales Module

Sales are a critical function in any business, and the benefits extend beyond revenue generation to encompass various aspects of business growth and success.

Provide valuable insights into market trends, and emerging opportunities.
Identifying inefficiencies in the sales process can lead to cost reductions.
Can identify potential risks in the sales process, such as market volatility or shifts in customer behaviour.
Data analysis often reveals opportunities for product or service innovation
Helps in designing retention strategies to keep existing customers engaged and satisfied.
Enable businesses to set pricing rules and discounts based on various criteria.

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