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In its widest sense, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the Centralised and integrated administration of all company operations and information across functions and services. ERP systems have swiftly grown to become essential to corporate operations across all industries and sectors. Here you may learn more about ERP.

INV Capabilities
  • ERP systems may assist firms in meeting regulatory requirements by offering accuracy in data.
  • Include features such as role-based access control and data encryption, can assist firms in improving security.
  • Include capabilities like as backup and restore, can assist firms in recovering from tragedies.
  • Consist of features like shared calendars and project management tools, can assist firms in improving cooperation.
  • By delivering data insights, ERP systems may assist firms in making better decisions.

ERP system software with infinite options

We have helped thousands of local and international businesses to manage resources and inventories with the help of following solutions.


With our efficient procurement practices companies are able to control costs, ensure reliable service delivery, comply with regulations and manage risks.

Finance and Accounting

Our effective finance and accounting solution contributes to the financial stability and sustainability of operations, benefiting the company & customers.


Our HRMS software helps to streamline HR operations, meet employee’s needs, and improve overall employee experience.


Our sales team help companies in optimising their pricing plans and sales procedures to maximise income and profitability.

Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain management is created to make tracking and prioritising concerns easier. This helps to increase the efficiency of system.


Our CRM systems offer a multitude of benefits for companies by providing quicker issue resolution and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Inventory Management

We help businesses efficiently track and optimise inventory. These solutions include order management and demand forecasting.

Warehouse Management

Our warehouse management data analytics empowers our customers to make right business decisions.

Efficiently manage inventories, data, and costs with ERP solutions

Simplify the challenges faced by companies while implementing ERP Solution:

How Inventia Can Help You With ERP Solution?

Reliable, Innovative, and Results-Oriented

Assessing your organisation's unique needs and requirements.
Conduct a thorough analysis of your current processes and goals to determine which ERP system will best suit your business.
Scalability of the solution, cost and how well it aligns with your business objectives.
Using industry-leading training methods.
For best outcomes, we provide a blended delivery strategy that combines onshore and offshore resources.
Provides technical support, regular updates and services to keep your ERP system running smoothly.

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