Transforming Energy Efficiency with Energy Analytics

UGO’s Energy analytics helps identify areas of energy inefficiency, allowing businesses and individuals to optimise their energy consumption and reduce energy waste. By identifying and rectifying energy-intensive processes, significant cost savings can be achieved in the long run. UGO’s Energy analytics platforms also offers real-time monitoring of energy consumption, giving users instant visibility into their energy usage patterns. This empowers them to respond quickly to any anomalies and take corrective actions promptly.

INV Capabilities
  • Provides valuable insights into energy consumption patterns.
  • Enables users to make informed decisions to improve overall energy efficiency.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint and promotes sustainability.
  • Enables timely maintenance and minimises downtime.
  • Enhance operational efficiency.

Features of Energy Analytics

Energy analytics plays a crucial role in optimising the performance of smart grids. It enables real-time load balancing, fault detection, and voltage control, ensuring a stable and resilient power distribution network.

Analysing & Interpreting Energy Data to Identify Trends, Patterns & Insights.
Incorporation of Advanced AI / Ml Tools e.g. Regression, Time Series etc.
Compiling of all Data into Common Data Format for Data Preprocessing.
Detection & Mitigation of Potential Losses using AI- Based Reasoning.
Helps businesses identify potential risks associated with energy market fluctuations.
Offers real-time monitoring of energy consumption.

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